Sunday, February 15, 2009


“Anybody can cook great food …but only the creative & innovative one in experiments can reach the pinnacle…& you can be one, if you have right flavor of imagination” said, great chef of Paris Auguste Gusteau.

Ratatouille is a film about a small rat named Ramy who born with the talent of great sniffing skill & promoted as food poison inspector in it’s community. But it’s not enough for him; he cultivated a great sense of blending different food items with the gifted sense of cooking. He is highly influenced & inspired by the Master chef & famous French food critic Gusteau. Ramy helped Linguini-the good for nothing son of Gusteau in the restaurant. But now his own identity is under threat in the rat world with his forbidden human friendship with Linguini. Can an ordinary Rat dream of being a five star chef? Yep, why not cause Paris is a city of dreamers & for the simple reason that anything is possible in animation world.

Ratatouille is the name of the finest recipe cooked in the climax by talented Ramy to impress the shrewd food critic-Anton Ego & to win his favors to save his inspirational master chef Gusteau’s Restaurant. The last words uttered by the food critic are the learning lessons for all sorts of critics no matter whatever medium of creativity or experiments you are criticizing.
Whenever Walt Disney Pictures combines with Pixar Animation they always come with standard animation fun product weaving nice moral lessons around it & this is one of them. Movie is more about fable than fun & its fun which works as wonderful healer when you watch animation film. The best example is- Kung Fu Panda. So if you love the flavor of fable with the decoration of fun it’s a dish for you.


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Vikram said...

my favorite animation film till date! I liked it better then Wall-E, Finding Nemo & Shrek... go figure