Sunday, February 8, 2009

TAKEN (2008)

If Liam Neeson was not in the movie, I don’t think the movie would become such a big money grossing film all over the world. The plot seems like watching typical Bollywood action film. Infect I see close similarity between our Sanjay Dutt- Minisha Lamba starrer ‘Kidnap’in the first half of the film.
Liam is working for security agency & his family life was disturbed with divorce. The only solace of his life is his 17 years old daughter whom he meets frequently. And she was kidnapped by the syndicate of goons who are trafficking women on the international front. The rest is trail & action. Action sequences are almost ordinary & monotonous & gives you the feeling of seen it umpteen times.
Liam is not expected to do such an ordinary action films but guess what people all over the world like him even in this sorts of roles too. The reason is as I said earlier it’s only he who gave the edge to this ill scripted ordinary action flick.

Nothing to miss if you skip this one.

Ratings- 4.5/10

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