Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Reader is a haunting story of a teenager boy & his subtle love affair with a lady of twice his age. It’s all started when she helped him once when he was ill. Soon after the recovery the boy went to thank her & two were drawn into a secret passionate affair. The boy came to know that she admire reading so much & so just after or before their regular sex, the boy used to read the books to her. Despite their intense bond, one day she disappeared mysteriously. The case opens after 8 years when the boy is a law student & she’s on some serious trial. The lady’s past revealed in the court & she got lifetime imprisonment. And from here onwards it’s taking an interesting turn & raised an important question- “How far would you go to protect the secret?”

I just want to see the film for Kate Winslet only but I must say it’s one of deep emotional film of the last year & there’s no wonder if she got Oscar for best actress in coming few weeks. I watched Kate’s brilliant performance in ‘Revolutionary Road’ but I feel that this one required lot of guts & it’s more difficult role to carry. Kate always looks so natural when she cries or when she makes love. Besides that I think that she has one of the most expressive face. She displayed lots of nudity here which keeps you hooked in the first half but I think its second half of the film with the twist where her performance comes with flying colors.
David Cross played his teenager part quite naturally maintaining passion of love, guilt & anger. Ralph Fiennes has nothing much to do except being his normal best in such a short role.
Director Stephen Daldry is also nominated in Best Direction category in Oscar & its worthy enough for nomination because apart of passionate love story, the movie also dealt with the confrontation between truth & reconciliation.

Highly Recommended & Essential for all Kate Winslet lovers.


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yale great lakes said...

A few movies are dipped in human emotions, and are work of art. This is one such movie which moved me a lot, and which i believe is going to stay with me for a long time...
Its pity that bollywood fails to portray love in all its myriad hues. The reader and Elegy are two such movies which de-glamourize love. They tell us that love is not only about romance. Kate Winslet takes the movie to an altogether higher altitude. I agree with Hiren's assessment of the movie and strongly recommend it to all the people who love good cinema.
Pratik Modi