Friday, February 6, 2009


This is a completely unexpected cool fun film. Its story of one night where two opposite sex thrust together by chance enjoying their party time & the rest is a sleepless hilarious journey of fun & adventure in a world of mix tapes, late night livings & loud band music.
What I love most is the odd chemistry between not so happening dude & cool looking babe. Though they have nothing in common except Music, their chance encounter leads to an all night quest ends up with emergence of new romance for them.
Along with the romance between lead pair, it’s real fun to watch the gay band friends of Nick & their funny band titles- ‘The Jerk offs’ to ‘Shit Sandwich’ to ‘Dickache’ to ‘The Tight Ends’ & on the other side the bizarre behavior of Norah’s lost freind Caroline.
Both Michael Cera & Kat Dennings look like fresh teens. Michael is just Ok & not so happening dude but Kat is just irresistible beauty not to avoid.

A chill out refreshing flick.

Ratings- 7/10

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