Friday, February 20, 2009


It’s an interesting beginning of a film- More than hundred rival street gangs & nine leaders from each gang gathered unarmed at single place in the night. Its mission of their self proclaimed leader named Cyrus to unite all the rival gangs & gain complete control over New York city with their strength. Just after the leader’s speech somebody shot him. Chaos runs in the crowd. ‘Warriors’ is one of the strong gang & it’s time of crisis for them as the murderer pointed the finger of suspicious towards one of the Warrior gang member & was captured by Cops. Another powerful & stronger gang “Riffs” is also after them now.
Its story of one night messed up struggle & fight for the survival of eight unarmed Warriors.

The movie aptly captured the picture of 80’s directionless ghetto-street gang’s night culture of America. They want everything now & enjoying their disillusioned rebellion existence. In fact it looks like that Michael Jackson’s super hit album “Bad” had drawn so much inspiration from this film. Especially the lyrics & video of the title track “I’m bad”.
After the interesting beginning the movie runs almost flat & predictable & that’s why the end result is an ordinary film.


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