Friday, February 6, 2009

DEV D (2009)

Why it happened in the case of every unconventional filmmaker that whenever they tried to remake their own version, they came out with the worst product of their creativity. That happens with Ramgopal Verma when he made Sholay’s modern version. This is one more nemesis product from director’s block & this time it’s from a man who gave us brilliant film-‘Black Friday’.
Welcome to the hell world of Anurag Kashyap’s modern version of classic tragedy ‘Devdas’.
It’s simply unbearable crap. The film really shocked me because I was expecting a better film from writer turned Director Anurag Kashyap & talented Abhay Deol. And what they did in the name of making a modern & unconventional version is something no audience would justify. It’s really a shameless blunder. Kashyap has made a film which is full of dark characters full of loud characterization that there’s no grace left in any of the main characters whether it’s Paro, Chandramukhi or even Devdas. It’s pure vulgar caricature of classic DEVDAS. The characters are so loud & dark that I simply can’t sympathize with any of them.
Here’s a proof- Dev is demanding a nude pic from her beloved in online chat & Paro responded the demand with her mobile camera, get it’s hard copy from lewd eye studio wala & scanned it again from market place. (Which Indian modern beloved will do this for his lover???) Dev watched the pic online on his mailbox & next he returned to India from abroad & he’s meeting his dearest beloved Paro after a long gap. What is the 1st thing he wanted to do with Paro is having sex. Is this healthy version??? In Kashyap’s version of Devdas-LOVE = SEX.
The whole movie watching experience is so horrible & disturbing one. It seems that director was also impressed by Aronofsky’s brilliant dark tragedy- ‘Requiem for a dream’ & so you will see lot of hip hop cuts, extreme close ups & all sorts of junk dirt in the name of portraying a dark modern tragedy- Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Smoking, mobile chat sex, MMS scandal, Porn filming, hit & run everything available in the latest news to make it more & more dark but nothing works to highlight the audience focus.
The film becomes so unbearable in the climax that I would literally like to shout loudly.
Anurag, you can’t sort out all the scum & dirt & ugly reality in the name of making modern unconventional version of classic Indian tragedy…yeah, I’ve also read Kafka from whose inspiration you made nice attempt- ‘No Smoking’. I do love sincere unconventional efforts of directors to uplift the Hindi films but this is just absolute nonsense.

There are two new Hindi films releasing today & I’m sure that the other Govinda starrer ‘Chal Chala Chal’ will be surely far better entertaining one than this so called modern crap.

One of the worst remake version I ever seen.
Strongly avoid this ‘Emotional Atyaachaar.’

Ratings- 2/10
P.S.- 1 point for Abhay Deol’s daring to do such a character & 1 for the Music compositions of new talent Amit Trivedi.


Mitul said...

Thanx Buddy.I already planned to watch this movie this weekend.But according to your review its totally horrible.How the extra ordinary talent like Anurag Kashyap can make a Cheap movie?.Its a rediculous.Again thanx I will get something for you dude from that(Dev D's) saved money....Ha..Ha..Ha

HIREN DAVE said...

..even b4 posting my review on this thread or on my blog, I’ve read Taran Adarsh Review on…I know Taran is shit reviewer & compared to him any of our community reviewer has better sense & sensibilities of cinema…he rated film with 1 star…now this propelled me to watch it because I thought that if Taran reviewed it so badly then it must b so good!!!
But after watchin DEV D on 1st day 1st show in cinema hall, lemme tell u very honestly that I first time absolutely agree with Taran’s ratings…
B4 postin this review in thread I’ve also read Times of India’s critic Nikhat Kazmi’s review…its another surprise & shock for me as she praised the film to Herculean level & rated it with 5 stars. So wonderful waste of bombastic language… A HEIGHT OF IMPROBABILITY…she wrote the whole review in such a manner as if she has watched Fellini or Kurosawa film…What I thought about her review this time is big hype to sell & promote the film…seems like tryin to cover the greatest blunder of Kashyap or may b she got paid by UTV or producers…God know!!!

It’s my humble request to all of you that please don’t go by anyone’s review…just 4 get the reviews (even mine!!!) watch the film with all your heart & brain…& then share your experience in the same thread…Let’s see what’s verdict of our community’s passionate audience?
M waiting….

Digant said...

Third class movei

Ratings:- 1.5/10
for its beautiful acctress.