Friday, February 13, 2009

NED KELLY (2003)

They said that Irish are dreamers & lives in the world of imagination & British are realists & lives life with power. Ned Kelly is a dreamer of justice who snatched the power under Victorian tyrant police in mid 19th century.
Kelly is 25 years old Irish rebellion whose life & family threatened by tyrant English Police men. He formed a gang with his childhood friends & fought till his last breath against the tyranny of Victorian police. The movie follows the life story of the rebel with Heath ledger in lead role. Even though the treatment & execution of the film is low & quite unimpressive, Ledger carried his role with full sincerity. He had an aura of an attitude around him whenever he play any character & it’s indeed a great loss for all Ledger fans after his Joker act of the last year.
Orlando Bloom has nothing much to do than remaining the shadow of Ledger. By & by it’s an ordinary vengeance fiction flick set in an old time so don’t expect much. Just watch it if you want to cherish Ledger’s earlier performances.


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