Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Chaplin & a serious film!!! It’s strange surprise for me.
It is the first serious silent drama written & directed by Charlie Chaplin. It is also the movie where he remained absent on screen. Chaplin had shut the mouth of his critics with his serious direction & he got praise from them but not from audience. Even I don’t feel that its film I would like to see again. The reason is it seems too melodramatic from beginning to end.
The lady leaves her town & her lover with some misunderstanding & settled herself with a rich man in Paris. After a couple of years she meets his old lover again who still loves her. It’s tough for her to decide- should she stay with her rich comfortable life or chose struggling life with her artist lover? Well she chose the latter one but drama does not end here because destiny has its own plan.
It’s surely a letdown one for Chaplin fans as the champion of humanity ‘the tramp’ is absent here.


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