Sunday, February 8, 2009

EAGLE EYE (2008)

After a long time I’ve seen a well conceptualized & nicely executed action thriller.
Strange & mysterious phone calls put the lives of 2 leading characters in a mess of trouble up to the level of killing US president. Everything is set up; they have to follow the orders, and if they don’t dire things will happen. But even though they followed the orders, the consequences are already dire. Its blackmailing surveillance system spread all across internet, cell phones, traffic cameras, social networking sites etc. etc. Apart of thrilling entertainment of 2 hours, this is also the key example of how in coming decade the cyber crime will hold our attention.
The movie starring Shia Labeouf & Michelle Monaghan & both have done good justice to the offering. Rosario Dawson has nothing much to do here, especially after her wonderful role in ‘Seven Pounds’. But it’s Billy Bob Thornton who impressed me strongly as shrewd & sharp FBI Agent. The movie has very few action scenes but it’s really the rolling tension between the 2 central characters which keeps you hooked till the climax.
Recommended to all action thriller lovers.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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