Thursday, February 26, 2009

YES MAN (2008)

Carl (Jim Carrey) is a guy whose life is going nowhere. He is working as a loan sanction officer in reputed firm & used to stamp ‘Rejected’ & say ‘No’ to people & makes up excuses around the people & to his own self. He stuck up in a dead end job for years, he don’t have a girl friend & life is just not happening stuff at all until he joins a self-help program based on one simple covenant : say ‘Yes’ to everything & anything. The power of YES transforms Carl’s life in amazing & unexpected ways & he got promoted at work & blessed with a new romance but hey there’s a problem. Because he becomes over enthusiastic & his willingness to say ‘Yes’ to each & every opportunity is just too much to manage or handle. How can one please everyone!!!

Now its perfectly written movie for Jim Carrey & he delivers what is expected from him.
How can you avoid Jim Carrey movie!!! He’s back after a long time & seems a bit aged too but not his charismatic performance which makes you love his character. He’s one of the most talented comedians of current Hollywood & I absolutely agree that he’s finest actor too. Watch his brilliant film- ‘The Truman Show’.
Carrey has a natural flair talent of making superb voice over mimicry & funny faces with all twisting & turning eccentric facial expressions & you can witness few them here too.
So guys if you feel low & if you are passing through not happening period, just give yourself a break. Catch- ‘Yes man’.
It’s a light comedy & enjoyable one having the slice & spark of Jim Carrey.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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