Friday, February 20, 2009

DELHI 6 (2009)

Sometime finest & honest attempts of director didn’t work out well. The director who gave us cult classic film like ‘Rang De Basanti’ returns with his semi autobiographical journey of Delhi. There are so many reasons behind the success story of RDB but I think two are main- its powerful script-screenplay of Rensil De Silva & execution of film by director. Delhi 6 falls short in both of these categories.

Its wafer thin script of a third generation youth returning to Delhi to fulfill his grandma’s wish to spare her last days of life. Well, it’s alright when you don’t have script but then next comes screenplay & execution of your idea. Now here Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra got confused. He failed to engage the audience & made them bore. He has started with wonderful premise of Old Delhi & messed up it with introduction of so many cardboard characters & abrupt editing & subjective ambivalence. He also tried parallel running story combination which wonderfully worked in RDB. Remember How Bhagat Singh’s freedom struggle & spirit just zoomed into the main protagonists characteristics. Here his attempt to combine Ramleela with central characters just failed to create any impact over the audience. Rather it adds more boring tone to film.
So many talented actors are wasted. He presented all of them well but failed to create the impact. I like Abhishek’s honest attempt & in few scenes he strikes too but that’s all. ‘Masakkalli girl’ Sonam is cute transformation in screen presentation but not in performance. The love story between them is even not happening stuff. It’s only Rishi Kapoor & Divya Dutta who creates some impression with their performances among all other assembled cast. A gem actor like Atul Kulkarni is wasted so terribly with his tomfoolery role.

The film has some plus sides too: Binod Pradhan’s brilliant cinematography (one of India’s best technical cameraman), Rahman’s music score & few funny moments out of the box. There’s also a surprise song combining the effective screen images of Newyork-Delhi.
In short D-6 fails to impress the audience; I see many seats empty around me in the cinema hall after the interval. The reason is the movie is not progressing at all. Mehra wanted to give honest message to the Indian audience by creating “Kala Bandar Metaphor” & weaving a rumour mongering story to make mockery of rumour mongering Indian ness & media’s supportive role to spread it. His main message is showing you the mirror to know thyself is really noble but without script, screenplay, editing & well etched out characters its hard to strike the audience in the RDB manner.

Can’t say avoid it but frankly it’s not worthy enough to say watch at least once.
Decide yourself.

Ratings- 5.5/10



So u mean to say, Rakesh Om Mehra fails to maintain expectation of audiance Like RDB

And from ur review i think one should see the movie for old Delhi and good picturisation

Taral said...

I read one interview of Abhisekh saying before release that he was much worried about this film and bhabhi gave him consolation saying not to worry it will hit whole 9 yards. But after watching this move i felt that AB worrying was worth enough..

Digant said...

I would not like to compair this movie with Rakesh's last RDB. But as a movie if i watch this, it has many nagative points. Rakesh tried to show the different kind of people and their mentality of Chandni Chok, but in this try he fail to impect strongly to audiance. every charactor has only one imp scene or diloge. but for that he just strech them. Abhishek tried his best but sorry, not good enough. Sonam was not so good. Any side acress can play her role.

Rishi Kapoor and Vahida were good. Rakesh should give some more scenes to Rishi in this movie.

OK movie, watch once only.

Ratings:- 5/10