Sunday, February 1, 2009

DOR (2006)

Two parallel stories of couples collide with each others destiny & changed the world of two women. Imagine the next to impossible task for a woman who has to get sign a letter
by a young widow for his convict husband who made her widow. What a sensitive subject & what a touchy direction & performances. Sacchi me Hrishida yaad aa gaye…

Both Aayesha & Gul have given their best performances. What natural make-up less facial expressions distilled with pure innocence…Aayesha really made my eyes wet with her performance. She reminds me the innocence of girl in Majidi’s Classic love story ‘Baran’. Gul Panag is equally impressive & she will surely make her mark if she’ll continue doing such meaningful & sensible roles in cinema. Shreyas Talpade is really discovery of new talent by Kukunoor. Shreyas has again given a memorable role here; in fact it’s his role which gives the lighter mood & moments in this sensitive & serious in subject film.

Who’s making this kind of cinema nowadays!!! I ‘m big fan of Director Nagesh Kukunoor & this is one more gem of his direction. He’s makes me speechless with his every next film & this is no exception to it. Who’s making this kind of cinema nowadays & from such a perspective!!! Watching the film is a feel like being a woman & there’s no iota of exaggeration in it.
I would like to say- ‘Feel this Film…with all your heart.”
Strongly Recommended.

Ratings- 9/10

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