Saturday, February 14, 2009

TAHAAN (2008)

Tahaan is a story of 8 year old kashmiri boy with the same name, who lives with his mute mother & elder sister. His grandpa died in the very beginning & father is missing. He has only one proud possession- his donkey named ‘Birbal’. Under the crisis, Birbal is being sold by his mother & here starts little Tahaan’s journey to get it back. It’s this journey part which was too abrupt, boring & unprogressive instead of interesting one. Director & ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan has just messed up the simple plot in attempt to show too many things with shifting focus on militancy problem in the valley. Too slow pace & lack of story progression are also strong reasons why film fails to seek audience attention. The film would become a good children film if Sivan has used the later part of the film really interesting one. Its sincere effort of little Purab to play Tahaan. The movie also has some fine talents like- Anupam Kher, Rahul Bose & Victor Benerjee but all of them shared either a guest or a caricature appearance in the film. It’s only Sarika in her mute mother played her part naturally.
Sivan is simply the best in camera but that can’t be said about his direction too.


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