Sunday, February 1, 2009


Open any newspaper from last month to current day & you will see Obama Story. Same to the electronic media who sells nonsense crap in the name of news. As one of he character of the film said-“We don’t know what’s happening in Arunachal Pradesh or what’s its capital?” But still we love to know who becomes the foreign secretary of US!!! The same irony is represented in this finest film made with a low budget of 3 crore & a bunch of drama actors. Only 2 are known faces- Konkona Sen & Shernaz Patel. It’s out & out hilarious fun film made with wry humor of US obsessed attitude of Indians.
In 2006, US President George Bush visited India. One young Indian was chosen to shake his hand with him. 6 Indians are selected from various Indian cities & out of them only one will get a chance to shake hand with the most powerful man of our planet. Now here lies the real entertainment- “How 6 different guys are pitted in a reality TV manner with one another in the survival of fittest?” And Mind it guys, all 6 characters are just pure Indian fun & brilliant caricature to watch. Its not only their regional backgrounds only , they all depict today’s assorted face of Indian youth- an American in mind call center accent trainer, a divorced Bengali novelist, IIM A alumni turned Marathi social worker, a young entrepreneur, a typical Gujju stock market trader & a conventional but porn loving south Indian. How they mess up vying with each other is thing to enjoy.
Its remarkable directorial debut of 29 year old Kunal Roy Kapoor who brought this finest drama to cinema for mass audience. I have read about the film in ‘The Indian Express’ & after watching it today I will love to recommend it to all my friends to give it sure shot.


Ratings- 9/10

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