Saturday, February 28, 2009


Director Spike Lee has not glorified war but again raised a pertinent question that How the Officer Generals directed by the leaders gave ugly shade of Political & Racial discrimination in World War II & how ordinary civilians being victimized breaking the Geneva Convention. He focused on the struggle of black American soldiers, Germans & Italians. How the soldiers belong to buffalo infantry for the first time fell in love with white race during the WW II in Italy is really concerning theme. And I love the way 8 year Italian boy’s reciprocal relationship with Train (a black American soldier) is executed (especially that tapping signals conversation). Both of them speak different languages but understand each other better.

The massacring scene where hundreds of innocent people slaughtered at St. Anne is so horrible & Lee has shot it so tactfully that you witness the terror & pathos of the war & human blunder at the same time.
The cinematography is simply the brilliant & direction is classy but the movie is too long- 2 hour 30 minutes duration (good editing is all it required).Its not gripping engrossing Action War films if you are expecting that. It’s richer in theme, its execution of Black American US soldiers & their experience in Italy. Most of the dialogues in the film are Italian & German & so watching it with sub titles is something recommended.


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