Monday, March 2, 2009


Based on Marvel Comics, the film is a typical vengeance flick starring Tom Jane as FBI Agent Frank Castle. He is on his last assignment & it messed up with killing the son of Mafia Don Howard Sant (John Travolta). To seek revenge of his son, Don killed the whole family of Castle when they are sharing family reunion party. Now it’s hero’s turn to seek vengeance & he’s back with loads of action.
It’s one more no brainer Hollywood action flick. So don’t expect thematically sound crime-action combination in it. Tom Jane is promising one here but hey its sheer waste of Travolta. What the hell he’s doing in this sort of cardboard characters. In the second half of the film, the Mafia Don seems like a toothless tiger. Action is just average but some of the scenes looks breathtaking ones & innovative & for that all credit goes to legendary late cinematographer Conrad Hall.
Watch only if you are like hard core action films of Van Damme or Steven Seagle.


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