Friday, March 6, 2009

13 B (2009)

My two thumbs up for Director Vikram Kumar who made this gripping thriller. First one for his well written script & second for his crackling & detailing direction. I’ve read that Kumar was keen to work with R Madhvan & had approached him earlier but he rejected his offer & demanded a better script. So Kumar spent two years to come up with the story idea & four to pen down a hardbound script of 13B. Love’s labor was not lost & ultimately Madhvan loved the script & instantly signed the project. The film was then shot in 40 days flat. & Kudos to that brilliant script which makes you hooked in the edge on the seat second half.

So what’s 13 B? Well, it’s a jinx number. A family messed up in their newly purchased flat. The first half is just average which projects focus on several unimaginable incidents in their flat- a lift refuses to function, disfigured images taken by mobile cam, milk splits everyday, nobody can hit a nail in the pooja room & jarring & suspicious television serial which resembles with the lives of the family members. And I thought for a minute- Am I watching some superstitious crap nonsense or what???

But hey, the film bowled me over in the second half. It’s really intriguing & successfully kept the tension rolling for the audience with twists & turns of the story. The revelation of suspense is just awesome. And I ‘m not going to spoil it by revealing anything further.
Madhvan always do selective films & most of the time he comes with bingo performance. He has an expressive face & natural body language which suits his roles perfectly. Watch his expressions of fear in this & you will agree with me. Rest of the players has also played their parts as naturally as possible but I specially like to mention the performance of Deepak Dobriyal, who has acted the role of Ashok in the film. He’s really a revelation. (Remember the actor who was guided by Saif Ali Khan in ‘Omkaara’)
Technically also the film is faultless & successfully enhances the thrilling effect for the audience. The only thing which I would like to edit in the film is cutting of those two songs in the first half.

A Strong recommendation of the week but it’s my humble request to watch it in theatre.
No piracy for this sort of talented & promising director’s film please.

Ratings- 8/10


yale great lakes said...

Thanks hiren for recomending the movie...I thought it was impossible for an indian director to stick to basics of a thriller...the director in this film has made a reasonable attempt and i guess he has succeeded in making a thriller. However, he could not avoid the temptation of incorporating two useless songs in the movie which seemed to break the pack and grip of the movie.
Thanks to hiren for recommending this movie, or else it would have gone unnoticed by me. Cheers!

Taral said...

Nice thriller. One of the good thrilling movie for this year may be

sathish said...

nice description. i have not seen the hindi version.i have seen only tamil version of this movie but your comments about this movie urge me to see the hindi version also for the comparative analysis. I am very sure that hindi version is also equally good as tamil version.