Monday, March 23, 2009


Now this is surely the most underrated beautiful love story of the last year. The most wonderful thing about this sweet romantic film is the extraordinary performance of Hollywood’s most underrated but brilliant actor- Joaquin Phoenix. We all have seen his cruel underplay in ‘Gladiator’ & class act of Johnny Cash in ‘Walk the line’ but I think this is the best performance of his till day. Indeed its quite unbelievable to see Phoenix performing in an ordinary role like this & still he has gave all flesh & blood with brilliant intensity to his character. I’ve read in a newspaper couple of days ago that he’s quitting the acting & this would be his last film so far. If that’s true we are definitely missing a great actor.

There’s nothing new in the story of this James Gray directed sensitive romantic film except profoundly moving performances of all three lead cast- Phoenix gave his heart out in acting in his lover’s role as Leonard, Gwyneth Paltrow is not just beautiful actress from outside but from inside too but Vinessa Shaw is a real discovery of the film. As a director James Gray hasn’t given his masterpiece yet but off course I will surely cherish this beautiful romantic drama in long run as one of the most touchy love story with startling performances. Don’t drop it due to its common title, watch it without much expectation & it will work & touch your right chords.

Must Watch for Joaquin Phoenix.
Recommended to all who like to watch a well made dramatic love story.

Ratings- 8/10

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