Sunday, March 15, 2009


How often we witness the film based on the plot of vampire with an enduring love story. Watch this striking film of Sweden & I’m sure it won’t let you down in the art of story telling.
12 year old Oscar is laid back kid & every other classmate tried to bully him. One night he meets a strange neighborhood girl of the same age named Eli. Slowly the companionship grows into romance. It also nurtures the boy to be a strong man but what happens when one fine moment he discovers that she’s vampire who sucks the blood of the people to survive? How much one can let go for the sack of love?

‘Let the right one in’ is the tale which is violent on surface & finely romantic in depth. It depends on you how you like to float with the film like this. The movie got mixed reviews from many viewers but personally I believe that its one of the finest attempt of making a different film with creative blending of two different genres juxtaposed with each other with touchy story telling which will surely stay in memory for a long time.



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