Monday, March 2, 2009

21 (2008)

A Mathematical prodigy needs a scholarship to get admission in Harward Medical College & the only one way he gets admission is winning the scholarship. Well it’s not an easy task to prove himself. His statistics & logical abilities get noticed by the genius lecturer & with planned team efforts he started winning casino card game Black jack in Las Vegas. So it’s every weekend Boston to LA trip & he’s living two lives- stylish status symbol in LA & normal college student in Boston. Well, the sky is the limit for money & with money one can have more fun than one can imagine. Problem occurs when one messed up being emotional & skips the rules. Well man becomes blind when he sees so much money out of his imagination. Greed is a sin & what better intoxication is there than making money in gambling but hey the overconfident dude forgets one thing that ultimately he has to pay heavy prize in the end.

Jim Sturgess is promising young talent & he’s nicely supported by Kate Bosworth. Kevin Spacey & Laurence Fishburne are always interesting.
In a way movie is an interesting phenomenon for all the youth who wants to make quick money either by hook or crook.

Interesting & refreshingly entertaining.


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Taral said...

I recommend this one. I like the story