Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GULAAL (2009)

Hates off to Anurag Kashyap for making such an exploding film; infect it’s a brilliant & powerful statement that he has claimed with this film. Its not exaggeration to say its kind of Indian version of dark Shakespearean tragedy based on seven deadly sins which almost intertwined with one another & erode the humanity from ages for power struggle.

How Politics, Power & Fate transformed the track of a young law student’s career & life. How the nightmare of his severe ragging turned out his joining into regional politics & in its penultimate course turned him a real RDX. Anurag has added many sub plots & macabre characters along with the main plot- a power hungry politician of Rajputana party who claims his reign over Rajput community to fulfill his own whims & fancy Or a cunning half brother-sister of royal blood who can do any sort of evil. It’s one of the brilliantly made political thriller with all intrigue & corrupt faces with the flavor of Royal Rajasthan.

I’ve read that Anurag has written the script of the film much before he made his first released directorial debut ‘Black Friday’ & from the very beginning he had Kay Kay in mind to cast for such a powerful character of Duki Bana & we all know it’s needless to ask about his performance as he is proving his quality work with every next movie & that’s the reason why his name is in the priority list of every passionate cinema makers. But more than the performance of Kay Kay, its all other cast which made me surprised with their acting. I don’t want to waste more adjectives about the fresh casting but watch underdog actors like Deepak Dobriyal, Aditya Srivastava, Piyush Mishra, Jessy Randhava, Raj Singh Chaudhary or newly introducing actress Ayesha Mohan & you would surely agree with me.

After a long time I watched such a hard hitting Hindi film which strikes my senses in all fronts of film making- striking script, punching dialogues & power packed performances, even brilliant soundtracks & lyrics by Piyush Mishra which corresponds the mood & tone of the film. What a powerful lyrics & its satiric tone by Mishra; works like a reminder tribute to the timeless classics penned by greatest lyrics writer Sahir Ludhianvi for Guru Dutt films.

And for all these more or less every credit goes to film maker like Anurag Kashyap who is breaking all the traditional barriers of Indian cinema & dare to make the cinema in which he believes; knowing the risk of failure in this sort of projects.
Bravo Anurag!!! Damn to all so called torch bearers critics & mouth piece of popular cinema. They won’t understand your kind of cinema even in their lifetime but as thinking & passionate audience we are with you.
I would like to appeal that if possible catch the film originally in theatre & do not promote piracy for the director & film like this.

The film is too dark & disturbing but its path breaking cinema of new breed of film maker & so highly recommended.



DharmaX said...

agreed hiren............this movie is not everyone's cup of tea.... but after DevD, mr.kashyap has shown his tellent like RDB... great movie .

seshasai said...


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Sushanta said...

this movie is indeed a kind of dark movie without any typical 'feel good factors'and is worth watching. but I find the music spcially the songs by piyush mishra is a kind of drag..they sound very similar to each other and seems to be a never-ending journey.The slow pace of the songs at the background does not seem to match with the quick progression of different sub plots for that specific duration. Otherwise....this is a wonderful movie.

HIREN DAVE said...

sushant nice to read ur comment for the first time...well i agree with ur remark but i wud like to add that the lyrics r really acid for the film like this n it enhance the film's subjective perspective...even though its slow n too hindustani folk but it works unlike some unnecessarily add only songs of popular bollywood...
Anyway...do visit often n keep postin like this...cheers...