Monday, March 2, 2009


The Punisher-Frank Castle is back in latest avatar & this time he’s mass murdering the one crime family after another. Well he’s also seeking his redemption this time for his guilt. There’s nothing much to ponder about the plot so don’t damn think about the plot & by the way who needs them in kickass one man army kind of grade B action film. The action sequences are better than the first part & this time cool CGI helps to enhance the sharpness of action visual images. The villain Jigsaw’s mutilated & disfigured face & his psychopathic behavior shares the resemblance with the villain of last year- ‘Joker’. It’s just in looks not in acts since it’s matchless to act like great Heath Ledger.
Watch it at your own risk ‘Coz here is nothing to lose & nothing to gain.


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Taral said...

Same as shoot'em up. Nice to see when you feel alone and need some shout for company.