Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Have you made a wish list of few things you would like to accomplish before you die?
If not just go & scribble something on apiece of paper or watch this touchy film about the last phase of one’s life. As it is narrated by Morgan Freeman in the film – “There was a survey once. A thousand people were asked if they would like to know in advance the exact date of their death. 96 percent of them said-’No’. I always lean focus on the other 4 percent; I thought it would be liberating knowing how much time you have left to work with.”
When two old guys met each other on the adjacent hospital beds in the last phase of their lives fighting with Cancer, they made a totally out of the box decision to live the rest of their lives with every wish fulfillment on their way till the last breath.

Hollywood’s two legendary actors- Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson united together & bring a movie which makes us think about the subject we all love to skip- Death. It’s the chemistry between Nicholson & Freeman & natural performances of both of these actors which gives the refreshing feel to the subject & theme of the film. Conceptually the idea & intention of the script is honest & beautiful but what follows is slightly improbable & unrealistic i.e. - as both the protagonists starts their journey to accomplish their bucket list. I have seen the condition of cancer patients in their last phase. One of my uncle & my dear cousin sister died in cancer & so I must say it’s next to impossible for the cancer patients who are fighting with it in their last stage. But above all it’s a film & if you keep your rational mind off for a while & just follow the message of the film than it’s surely a wonderful experience which you love to suggest to all of your feiends & every single person who has just few months/days to survive.

It’s surely one of the meaningful & earnest attempt of movie making by Director Rob Reiner. The movie also nicely encapsulated the message that how bringing joy to others lives is significant task a higher individual must accomplish before he die. What a poetic ending with the sound of mountain in its literal sense!!!

Recommended for all sensible cinema lovers.


yale great lakes said...

I have not watched the movie though, the story line sounds similar to the movie "Dasvidaniya". Have you watched it? I enjoyed watching that movie.

HIREN DAVE said...

well dear..i haven't watched DASVIDANIYA yet but many viewers who hav watched both of these films said that better indian adaptation of Bucket List...
& ya will surely watch - Dasvidaniya since it has a wonderful vinay pathak in it...thanx for postin ur comment one more time...expect d same in future..

Vikram said...

this is a good movie, an underrated classic. very good novel theme... a good watch