Monday, March 2, 2009


Based on Best seller Writer Stephen King’s short story the movie is off the hook mystery thriller starring versatile chameleon actor Johnny Depp. He is playing a mystery writer who is haunted by the other writer who alleged him on plagiarism. However Depp claims that he has written story 2 years in a mystery magazine prior to the other author. The author demands a proof & here’s beginning of twist in the tale.
Director & Screenplay writer David Koepp has set the movie in total macabre setting of lonesome writer with great help of genius Depp who is the master of playing weird & idiosyncratic characters with natural aplomb. And that’s what the plus side of the film. Though in a half way through an intelligent viewer guess the suspense but still you don’t get the film lose on any account.

Recommended for all mystery lovers & Johnny Depp fans.


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