Friday, March 20, 2009


Undoubtedly one of the best horror films ever made. Without any qualms I confess that watching this for the first time is really nerve wrenching experience for me. The original 1974 version is considered as masterpiece of horror which I haven’t seen till day & so it’s difficult for me to say which one is better but if one can see without any bias this one is not bad product at all & It would be surely one of the well made remake. I would definitely love to see the 1973 classic version after watching this. Its surely one of the few well made straight horror film without any nonsense sub plot or crap in between.

On August, 1973 a group of five young people returning from their Mexico trip & they accidentally met a strange women on the road. They gave her a lift but she shockingly shot herself dead inside the car. They tried to call the local sheriff from a strange looking old fellow’s house but hey it’s too late ‘coz they’re into the problem now. The rest you follow is some gruesome incidents. ‘Leatherface’ will surely remain as one of the scariest villain in horror genre. Jessica Biel looks stunning & it’s her character among all leads which draws your attention from beginning to end with her balanced act & Infect she’s the only brave lady who fought bravely till the end against all odds.
To sum up I must say that I like this version & it’s really well made, well cinematographed & well edited film.
Recommended to all horror lovers.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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