Thursday, March 12, 2009


The movie begins with wonderful introductory narration about two young American girls who arrive in Barcelona to spend their summer time. The two college close friends have similar opinions & tastes about all matters except the subject of ‘Love’. Well, here comes a Spanish charmer. They meet an interesting stranger & a divorcee painter named Juan Antonio in a restaurant one evening who became host & offered them to spend their weekend with him flying to an unknown place, watching some nice architectural sights, drinking good wine & making love & here lies the heart & fun of this Woody Allen written & directed sweet & light entertainer of last year.

Its nice characterization & the chemistry among all the assembled actors which looks like flowing of sweet melody. Even the dialogues are just fabulous & sarcastically funny ones. Here’s one to savior- “Only unfulfilled love can be romantic.”
Javier Bardem is really a versatile actor & his performance as one of the most cold blooded villain in ‘No country for old men’ made a greater impression to the audience but here he’s playing completely reverse character of romantic bohemian. Both Rebecca Hall & Scarlett Johansson have maintained the two opposites face of women as Vicky & Cristina. Penelope Cruz has not much screen time & she speaks almost Spanish but she’s brilliant actress & she did materialize that on screen & that’s may be the reason why she got Best supporting actress academy award this year.
How far people can go in their inner search of relationships when they feel vacuum deep in their mind is something Allen has portrayed in most artistic way.
Its truly beautiful light film to cherish.
Must watch.

Ratings- 8.5/10


yale great lakes said...

Hiren, you have been a great source of recommendation for great movies. you are like a handbook of the world cinema i always refer to before committing my two/three hours of time to any particular movie.
Vicky, Christina, Barcelona was one such movie from your recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of the movie, the storyline, the characters...yet the entire experience was complex, rich, and positive.
Thanks for doing the work for me and others like me...

HIREN DAVE said...

thanx bro for ur appreciation...keep readin n postin...