Friday, March 6, 2009


A 23 year old prostitute was killed on the road. The case has similarity of detail & modus operandi of another case occurred 7 years ago. As if it’s not enough the pattern also depicted the repetition of murders done by famous serial killer- Jack the Ripper hundred years ago & never been caught. Detective Chandler attempted to solve the puzzle but its great rigmarole & everyone seems like a suspect including the suspicious lodger who rented a home in suburb. Chandler is also on suspect list & now his own daughter is at the stake when he compared the patterns with early cases.

It’s well written cat & mouse case & interesting suspense thriller which really remains successful in shifting the suspension of suspicious from one person to another & grabs the audience attention. The movie is a re-adaptation of same book Hitchcock used for his 1927 thriller by the same name. The only things lacking in this modern version is perfect & more technical sound direction required for such a well written script & screenplay & good players who act their roles more precisely.

Recommended to all thrill/suspense lovers.


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