Saturday, March 14, 2009

WALLED IN (2009)

A pretty young architecture engineer (Mischa Barton) is on the task to demolish Malestrazza Building where 16 victims were entombed in cement inside the walls of building. Even the architect of the building found among the dead, identified by the tenants of the building. The Prime suspect named Thomas Sullivan was a disgruntled factory worker & was a tenant in the building. The building is such a strongly constructed that even solid earthquake was not able to break it.

Although the movie is an average entertainer with thrill & suspense; & you don’t have to apply much of your brain here. Initially the film seems taut n gritty creating some puzzling environment inside the building & introduced few interesting characters too but they no longer last long. A teenage infatuation with the pretty architect & its dire consequences is all it sum up in the end & that’s really sucks.
Mischa Barton not only looks pretty but smart too, & infect she’s the only reason which makes it watch worthy in whatever limited amount.

Ratings- 5.5/10

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