Thursday, March 12, 2009


The film is an edge on the seat thriller with the failed plot of Hitler’s assassination known as ‘Operation Valkyrie’. Tom cruise is playing Colonel Stauffenberg who lost his one eye & a hand during the war planned the assassination involving other army officers in this secret mission to save Germany from Hitler’s evil ideology.

Director Bryan Singer has thoroughly maintained the thrill in both the planning & execution of attempting bomb to assassinate Hitler & its ambivalent aftermath which successfully maintained the audience attention from the beginning to end. Tom Cruise has maintained his character with dedication & he looks like a war hero too. Its surely one of his satisfactory performance as German hero. The movie also has two very good supporting performances from Tom Wilkinson & Kenneth Branagh. Technically the film is almost faultless & has some brilliant editing & cinematography too.



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Taral said...

I saw this film last week. Good direction and script that hold your breath. Agreed with You