Sunday, March 8, 2009


In 1983 a serial killer known as ‘Stone man’ terrorized the pavement dwellers of Sion in Mumbai. The case was closed & the killer was never caught. However the same story repeated in 1987 in streets of Kolkota. The case remains unsolved mystery. But was it really a mystery or deliberately hidden case. To know the suspense you have to watch this film.
Kay Kay Menon was suspended cop & he gets an opportunity to get back entry into the police force as he thought that he could solve the case. With the secret aid of his patronizing superior AIG, he takes up the arduous process of tracking this killer down. But the official cop investigator Arbaaz Khan clashes with him again & again. Kay Kay is just near to solve the case but destiny has some other plans & so he co-incidentally messed up himself at the sight of murder & was classified as the killer. Even though he solved the case in the end & it’s shocking & sensitive. But truth remains hidden & it’s in the end when you got the reason.

Reasonably it’s nice attempt of Director Manish Gupta to thrill people by blending reality with pulp fiction. But his lackadaisical approach in treatment makes the film average till the climax. Technically the film falters in many departments & it’s too repetitive in first half. It also requires fair editing on many unwanted scenes too. Once again it’s Kay Kay Menon who scores points in his performance. Arbaaz has nothing much to do as always.

No harm in watching once.


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Not Much exited with thrill