Thursday, March 19, 2009


Have you ever heard the name of Melissa Leo? Have you ever seen any of her films?
I am damn sure majority of you will come with the answer- ‘No’. Let me tell you very frankly that even I didn’t know her till I discover her watching this film & guys I must confess that she’s one of the most surprising actress of last year & that’s the reason why her name was there in the Best Actress nomination category. We all are elated with Kate as she got her long due Oscar for ‘The Reader’ but the award was equally deserving one for Melissa Leo.

Written & Directed by Courtney Hunt, ‘Frozen River’ is one of the underrated film of the last year is the story of two ladies struggling with their lives in the freezing land. Melissa is struggling to support her two kids & a house after her husband deserts her with limited savings. In her desperation to get the money for her kids’ education & getting a new home, she makes an unlikely alliance with suspicious looking Mohawk woman who once stole her car. She discovers that she was Illegal Human trafficker & driving Chinese across the ice to US. Now the alliance is a thing to watch in this film because here comes the expressions & performances. The movie is spellbinding thriller but it’s more about the portrait of economical struggle in desperate times. So do not expect a typical Hollywood thrill gimmicks with big names in movie like this. Technically the film is classy & surely creates the environment of chilly ice thrill ride just like Coen Bros. Classic ‘Fargo’ & it’s surely worthy of your one hour & thirty minutes.

Mandatory watch for all those who don’t know Melissa Leo.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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