Thursday, March 26, 2009


Considered as one of the finest horror film, the movie totally disappoints me. There’s not a single scene in the film which made me scary for a while, instead it looks like low budget B grade inferior horror movie of yesteryears. Director Wes Craven wanted to convey a logical point about human fear psychosis but it comes way up in the end. If you kill your fear in its own game plan, you can conquer your fear in all contexts, which make it possible to kill a person of dream world in real world.
A girl is facing nightmares & sleep disorder & it has connection with horrible past of a person named Freddy Kruger who killed several kids in the neighborhood. He was burnt alive by the angry parents in boiler room. Now he’s back into the girl’s nightmarish dreams.
The quality of all horror visuals are just below average in quality from today’s standards & Freddy Kruger with his nail sharp fingers looks ridiculous rather than frightening. Its big enigma for me why he was considered as one of the top 100 villains by AFI. I still wonder why film is considered a well made horror till today by many admirers of this genre. A noteworthy thing about the film is that it introduced a finest talented actor Johnny Depp to Hollywood. His role is limited but yeah he seems noticeable in this first film too.

Avoidable on all accounts.


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