Thursday, March 26, 2009


Based on the novel of well known writer P.D. James novel the film is a future story of circa 2027. Human race is near to extinction & no child born since last 18 years. The world is in chaos with the concerning issue of infertility & scientists are working on Human Project. The only miracle is a non immigrant pregnant lady & its mission to protect the lady who’s the only hope to save the human race.

It’s surely one of the well maintained intriguing films I’ve seen from beginning to end without any nonsense subplot. Some of the scoring technical points of the film are- taut screen screenplay & editing, perfect sound editing; brilliant & realistic action sequences & thrill maintained cinematography. Clive Owen has really maintained his character with his best. Julianne Moore has nothing more to represent in her guest appearance kind of role. Michael Caine is always admirable actor & so anything to say about his character is just wasting adjectives.

Indeed a superb future thriller & engaging film & all credit go to Director Alfonso Cuaron. It’s surely a flawless direction & he has done credible justice to the subject. Watch the climactic scene celebrating humanity where all gunning soldiers paved way to the crying child & the mother among gun trotting chaos. It’s like watching literal imagery of Bertrand Russell’s great quote- “In the end only remember the humanity & forget the rest.”

Highly Recommended.

Ratings- 8/10

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