Friday, November 7, 2008


Its interesting title & not the interesting movie. So I was duped by title again.
A man with blue gloves murdered a stripper (Lindsay Lohan) few years back & some years back a girl identical with the stripper also amputated with the same killer. She saved her life but her one hand & one leg were severely amputated. Moreover she forgets her own identity & claims to be a different person under the delusion. Now it’s a case of FBI to solve the puzzle. But hey our brave heroine is here to solve it. As the film progressed we realize its nonsense case of stigmata twin sister identical with each other. What a crap? Except last 15 minutes the movie was total shit.
Well one of my observation while watching this movie is that Lohan looks exactly like Preity Zinta & its not only looks but also her dialogue delivery & voice which shares the similarity with her. But apart of this Lohan knows exposing better than act. The performances of all other actors were just mediocre. Don’t waste your mind & time.
Strongly Avoidable.

Ratings- 4.5/10

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