Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SURF’S UP (2007)

Cody is the best surfer penguin of the Antarctica is the narrator & the hero of the story who has only one motive- to run away from life & responsibility & surf day & night, Big Z is his inspirational childhood role model. There is also Cody’s big bro, mother, his surf promoter, Cody’s friend Chicken Joe & certain other interesting animated characters to cherish in this film. It’s not only enough, here’s whole SPEN (Sports Penguin Entertainment Network) which held Big Z Memorial Surfing competition every year. There’s 9 time defending champion anti-hero bully penguin named Tank. Talent scouts impressed by Cody select him for the world champion Surf competition. Well Cody also has crush on lifeguard Lany who saved his life once. By chance Cody surprisingly meets Big Z- his role model whom everyone declared dead. Big Z be his mentor & trained him for the championship. The movie has a surprised thrilling end but its not get your morals down.
What I love most about the film is that every character is directly approach with the audience. The movie is a cute little funny animation entertainer. Yes, guess what- the movie is a classic piece of animation. Kudos to director duo- Ash Brannon & Chris Buck & SONY Pictures.
Give this film a sure look dudes, you will surely love it.


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Digant said...

It's a animated penguin movie which based on dreams, inspiration, friendship, love and courage. It shows most of human attitudes and ways to deal with. Over all very good movie for not only for chldren but for everyone. Must be watched...

Ratings - 8/10