Saturday, November 15, 2008


Welcome to the under water animation city created by talented animation team of DreamWorks. Don Leno is aged shark now & he is happy with his one of his successor Frankie who is just like him- a killer shark but he dies accidentally & now its Lanny, the other harmless & weak offspring who becomes a matter of worry for him because he is a vegetarian shark. Oscar is an ordinary shark washer who loves boasting about himself as shark slayer & it’s a character full of fun. The movie has a great star cast in voice over- Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger & Jack Black. The title was quite dubious as its not a tale of Shark but pretended Shark slayer Oscar as a main character. But Oscar is really fun to watch & Will has done nice V.O. But the main drawback of the film is its low conceptualization.
An average animation entertainer.

Ratings- 6/10

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LOVE GURU said...

its classsic animation film....