Monday, November 24, 2008

BARAN (Iranian) (2001)

It is not bulky classic novels but little short stories of literature which remains in your memory long-lasting once you finished it. Majidi’s films are like simple beautiful piece of art, it’s same as reading Oscar Wilde or O Henry’s classic short stories. He knows very well where to mark underline & where to put ellipsis in a film.
Set in Iran, it tells the story of an afghani refugee working father whose leg injury threatens his family’s future. A child of his starts working on behalf of his father at construction site. A young co-worker named Lateef’s burning hate towards child transformed by a surprising discovery that a child is a young woman in disguise. For the first time in his life, he’s in love. He keeps the secret to his heart & helps her with utter unconditional devotion that will change the whole dynamics of his life.
Well it’s more difficult to make a simple artistic film than making a complex piece of art & its Simplicity & portrayal of natural emotions in his films which is striking the right chords. Silence of the girl is the most felt part of the film. And what a poetic end- the last foot print impression of the girl in his life, that even rain can’t wash it away.
A beautiful piece of art.

Do I have to say Must Watch?


Vikram said...

one of my most favorite romantic movies... this is romance of a different genre! really touching climax

HIREN DAVE said...

absolutely agree...Mr Sanjay leela Bhanshali should learn how to make a love story by watching's not glorious sets that works evrytime(Saawariaaahhh...)