Monday, November 10, 2008

NEXT (2007)

Frank Cadillac(Nicholas Cage)is a showman magician & can predict what’s gonna happen next & hence he can save his ass from every possible trouble of life & sometime manipulate the situation in his favor. The best thing about knowing future is that you can alter it. Julianne Moore is a special agent who smelled this miraculous prediction ability of Frank & she needs him to save citizens of US from a nuclear catastrophe about to happen in US. Jessica Biel has nothing to do except being pretty young love interest of Cage. Director has taken full liberty in action sequence manipulating the future seeing plot of the hero & its really interesting one.
Cage looks aged now but he has certain amount of charm in his personality which suits him. The movie is good in production value to entertain if you are looking for an hour & half cool entertainment but after first half of the movie it becomes so predictable & that’s where it sucks.

No harm in watching once.
Ratings- 6/10

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