Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I started watching this film without much expectation & its totally surprised me in all positive tones.From the very first five minutes its kind of feeling grips me that am watching some quality cinema made for children & it seriously steal my heart away with its sheer beauty as it progressed further with loads of adventure, thrill & innocence. Guys, I seriously believe that in all of us there is a child living inside us, full of natural curiosity & innocence and this movie is a beautiful reflection & rendition of it.
Two 12 year old boys landed a twin engine airplane on busy highway accidently & What happened next to the boys after police returned them to their homes is simply a thing to watch & so am not gonna tell you anything further, simply to make you watch it with surprise.
Film scores points not only in performances but also in execution of the story, candid aerial photography & ends up as an adventurous inspirational tale for every kid as well as adults. Gr8 act by two boys- , Tom Sizemore, Stephen Baldwin & rest of the all actors.

Without a doubt, its seriously one of the beautifully made refreshing film of the year still unnoticed by many.
At the end of the movie one can feel to give it repeat shot. Thumbs up to Director Rocco Devilliers & I seriously waiting to see his next…

Must Watch.


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Digant said...

It's very good film with smiple but unique story. Each and every charactor had done their job so good. Specially, these two boys who r in lead roles, acted so well. This movie has nothing extra-ordinary, but still it's very special movie which must be watched.

Ratings - 8.5/10