Sunday, November 30, 2008


The movie opens with a disclaimer television screening of a personal camcorder video document covering multiple sightings of an unusual attack telecasted by US Govt. Next we see the images retrieved by a personal handheld camera at the incident site. As the film rolls the multiple shots, we feel that apart of all main characters who handled the camera, it’s we who are behind the viewfinder.
The whole movie is documented with hand held camcorder & this is something experimentally unique side of the film specially when the movie is not a documentary but an entertaining motion picture of Hollywood representing something unusual like alien attack .So Camera is the real hero here, capturing rough & jerking images & it begins with a farewell party of Rob in small New York apartment who’s going for his big assignment in Japan & ends up with an unusual attack & chaos in the city. This is altogether different experience of watching an aliens attack flick which less captured glorifying special visual effects images but focusing the chaos & panic of the street told with an eye of camera in time. Director Matt Reeves successfully absorbs the audience connection with the panic struggle & emotional turmoil of 4 protagonists in the film from beginning to end.
The end was something which is the only unexpected factor which occurs much before even completion of 1 hour 15 minutes duration. Kudos to the cameraman Michael Bonvillain for his thinking out of box camera work.
It’s gripping, exciting & awesome entertainment.

Recommended strongly.

P.S- After writing this I’ve just gone through the IMDB review which mentioned that movie’s camera projection is copy of The Blair Witch Project. Anyone who has seen both just pass the comments on this.

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