Monday, November 24, 2008

FATHER (Iranian title-PEDAR) (1996)

I have heard a lot about this Iranian film director- Majid Majidi from many universal film lovers & after watching it I will try to catch his next as soon as possible. He impressed me with his natural simplicity of story telling (the theme) expressing human emotions as realistic as possible. It’s story of an Iranian boy who migrated to other town to play his responsibility for the family after his father’s untimely death & returns home with gifts & money for his mother & sisters. At his return he faced disconcerting reality: his mother remarried with a police man. He refused to accept his new father & new home. Under which circumstances director brought them together in the end is a thing to watch & not write. Film has just four main characters & none of them are professionally trained one but he managed to fix them so goddamn natural, grasping their subtle & intense universal emotions. My favorite moment is its end which is so poetical especially when a photograph slips so naturally into the stream to its right direction…that your eyes can’t believe it’s the end. The film clicks to me especially with its universality of theme depicting father-son relationship, emotional bonding in distress which reminds it viewer that world is so large yet so small if you pick the right emotion.
A movie made with 100% Heart & Soul.
Must 4 all meaningful cinema lovers.


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hirubhai...can i get dvd of this movie from u...