Sunday, November 23, 2008


I agree that Seth Rogen is being seen in almost every next Hollywood comedy this days but I also believe that he is one of the spontaneous comedian & quite perfect in good for nothing fellow roles. This movie represents him in a complete fun package. The movie is full of gags, adult humor & successfully tickles your funny bones in first half (if u like this sort of loud gag bag comedy), even the sentimental lines of the film remain the hilarious one but in second half it turned to show up some sentimental part. Katherine Heigl played a girl next door role here with her characteristic charm.
Worth to watch if u like Comedy of Rogen.


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Digant said...

This is a romantic comedy movie which shows how a useless and unexpected guy become a responsible man and finally every1 exept him. Its a Time pass comedy and should be watch at least once.

Ratings - 7/10