Friday, November 21, 2008


Daniel Craig is Joe Scott, a Hollywood star who ruined his career as a self indulgent fool in drugs, sex, alcohol & pathetic behavior. After initial few moments in the ruined life of Scott, the movie turned into the flashback showing the absurd youth & the tragic blunders of teenager Scott. Some scenes make me think- i.e. a scene which started with pure lust & ends with a permanent lost of child by a careless, jealous & lust driven neighborhood mother. The scene is really beautifully portrayed showing the momentum of all the characters simultaneously representing different natural human instincts of infatuation, innocence, absurdity, responsibility, care & carelessness. More than the character study the film displays the absurdity of young age & how it grips & entangles one’s life for once & forever. One more natural scene gets the attention in the end when out of the flashback Scott went back to cemetery to attend the funeral of his friend who married with his first dated girl & it’s so real & natural. Yes, Craig tried to act here leaving his Bond image aside but its portrayal which seems more praiseworthy. It also has certain nudity of Craig (absolutely unnecessary) & boring moments as well. The movie has certain eye candy long shots reflecting ocean & meadows. Direction & script is credible.

Recommend 2 watch.

Ratings- 7/10

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