Monday, November 17, 2008


Disney has created so many lovable animation characters but the young Simba- the cute & innocence cub will remain one of the most memorable characters in animation genre. The Music Composition of the film is my all-time favorite Original Motion Picture Sound Track & Elton John has done class act here with three mesmerizing tracks-“Circle of life” & “Can you feel the love tonight”& “I just can’t wait to be king”. And it won 2 Oscars for its music. Along with Simba there are two other characters- Timon & Pumba as helping hands of Simba & the most cunning uncle Scar. This film has nicely paved the way of creative animation music score trend in Hollywood’s animation entertainers.
Must watch stuff 4 all animation lovers.



abhishek said...

its my fav movie too. though, i found the story a bit bollywoodish type(!!!), but the animation, the music, n the dialogs have made this movie immortal. hakoona matata, n i jus cant wait to be king is my fav songs. some1 said in the community, that "those movies are called great which remains with u, when u r out of theater, in ur bed, in fact, for eternity!!". its really 1 of them

HIREN DAVE said...

fully agree with ur view...well i love hakuna matata too...dear i collected the original soundtrack of film in 1994...& its very dear 2 me...well ur remark in comm makes me watch animation...its all start with surf's up...keep postin bro...