Thursday, November 13, 2008


Its story of a baby pig who changed the history of pigs- by making impossible possible. Its cute film with nice voice over. Its fun to watch Babe & his fellow animal mates- Dog family, a duck who want to be a cock, a cunning cat, sentimental sheep mom & others. The character of Duck is really fantastic & has a loads of fun. The movie has only two human characters- Mr. Hogget (James Cromwell as the master) & his fatty wife. The movie is not special treat but an Ok entertainer if you want to have a break for an hour or so from usual Hollywood routine. The climax of the film is really heart touching as Rex – the dog who hate Babe initially, helped him in the need of time to win a sheepdog competition.
It’s a cute film teaching the message of love, peace & harmony.


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Digant said...

It is a good movie for free time u have. Sometime this kind of movies r good for us for change our taste. This kind of movies give us some good message of peace, love and trust.

Ratings - 7.5/10