Thursday, November 6, 2008

AMELIE (2001) (French)

Have you ever realized that simple joys & pleasures of life lie in trivial details of human beings & not in any mundane thing of worldly pleasure or belongings. Can you believe one person can change your life? Welcome to the innocent & simple life of Amelie. Amelie is not only wonderful film but also amazing character played with such an ease by Audrey Tautau. Amelie is a cute girl & a waitress living in Paris who loves helping people around her with her own innocent sense of justice & gradually she discovers the love of her life. Its wonderful journey of her life in which she not only transforms the lives of others but also her own. Amelie is the most wonderful & loving female character on screen I have ever seen till day. While watching I can’t stop falling in love with her character & am sure its experience for all those who had already watched it. This is one of the films which will change your life. Watch this beautifully made film (if you haven’t) & you will absolutely agree with what I m saying.
Simply a Masterpiece of French Cinema.



Vikram said...

yes it's definitely one of the better feel good films I've ever seen. it's technically great too. great visuals make this movie a treat to watch!!!

Vikram said...
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Digant said...

It's been long i watched this movie. It got oscar for best forein film, i think. It is a feel goos fector film. It reminded me "Life Is Beautiful", though the story is different, but i put this film to that level.

Ratings - 9/10