Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

It’s case of 18 years old boy who killed his own father with a knife & there are enough testimonials & proofs to prove him guilty. A jury consists of 12 men has been appointed to solve this court trial with their unanimous vote in a room. Now this is not the usual plot. It’s the thesis of the film. How it become anti-thesis & arrives in the end with synthesis on a discussion table among these 12 jury is a thing to watch here. Sidney Lumet has directed so many brilliantly scripted films but this one is his real masterpiece & remains classic forever. Without a doubt this is Henry Fonda’s career best performance played with a reasonable nuance. Lee J. Cobb as the last stubborn man standing also did a brilliant work.

Highly Recommended.



abhishek said...

i saw it a month ago. [we r lagging far behind, no? :-)]. n it made me really confused, taht how to rate it. but , finally i came to the conclusion that it really deserves the place in imdb top #10. i think, this is a movie, whose growth n progress is felt. it takes u with it on the journey. the best part is, the presence n persona of the movie was so strong that ,it made me feel the feelings shown in the movie. such as, when they say, "its really hot today", n i really felt the heat. the discomfort of that person who has caught with cold, that too in mid summer, i felt the sneeze (not tryin to be poetic, but i truely felt it ). or the man who has to catch the match, so he was trying to finish the "open n shut case" in a jiffy. well, sometimes, we all do that.
it has got some really hard hiting scenes, which got etched in my mind for ever. the scene, where every one shows their backs, in disgust n disagreement, to that racist person, or the last scene where the "the last stubborn man breaks". they were really finest ever.
but , i also felt taht the script is shown from one sided view. such as, the point, where fonda says that he has seen the similar "spectacle scars", on the nose of that lady, n the case turns. i felt , that point was a bit weak, as we were not shown anything. but anyways, cant question the genious of this movie, as it will defenitely turn out that i didnt have the enough brain n maturity to understand those things.
kudos to screeplay, script n direction n ofcourse, acting.

HIREN DAVE said...

abhi i seriously believe u have eye of good critic...'coz your some of the points matches with gr8 critic Roger Ebert...well this can b a movie which turned out to ba most boring one with its single room act projection..but the way Lumet portrayed character differences of 12 jury is highly praiseworthy...it was really experimental 4 Sidney Lumet since it was his first directed full length feature film...it was not box office success when released but with strong reviews it stands out as original one..what is sumthing original is that movie doesn't end with any sort of judgement of the case-whether the boy aquitted or not? but executing the dangling idea of reasonable doubt with fine performance of Fonda...simply classic drama...