Tuesday, November 4, 2008


If you want to put your head & logic aside for a while & want to enjoy the madcap ride of fun then this is certainly good catch. Adam sandler is a dumbass chatterbox thief working for some big shark & undercover cop Damon Wayanas befriends him to nab the hook. Now they are hooked to remain with each other under circumstances unfavorable for both of them. The production & plot is off the hook & belong to B grade Hollywood entertainment but the hilarious buddy comic chemistry between lead pair is the sure fun to watch. Adam Sandler is fun to watch here with his all odd idiosyncrasies & funny lines.
No harm in watching it once.


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Digant said...

Overall timepass movie. It has comeday, drama, action, emotions. Simple story in simple style, but still enjoyable with message of friendship.

Ratings - 7/10