Saturday, November 29, 2008

SIN CITY (2005)

3 creative & original geniuses –Director & Graphic Novelist Frank Miller, Ace Cinematographer & Visual effects supervisor Robert Rodriguez & Stylish Screen maverick Quentin Tarantino teamed up together & the result is edgy, racy, stylistic, slick, graphic film. The mesmerizing graphic frame images of the film are so scintillating & wonderfully shot in dark tinted images with sharp contrast of B&W & highlighted flashy digital Colors that you can’t stop praising Rodriguez for his creative camera touch & it’s really very difficult to judge - who’s the real full length director of the film - Tarantino or Miller. Because not only the look of the film (blood gushing graphics) but the rough narration style & the dialogues (read: slangs) gave me the feelings of watching Tarantino flick.
The plot is set against a morally bankrupt sin city where cops are corrupt & streets are deadly with goons. Out of three narrations, its Bruce Willis story of an old man & the girl (whom he had saved twice & forever) stays something like a plot in the film. But it’s not a plot which is so important here…’coz it’s splendid graphic film noire.
The movie has pretty glamorous star cast stuffed with Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen & Mickey Rourke. But it’s Rourke & Willis’ characters who tried hard in their performances.

A Must watch Film Noir.


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Digant said...

This movie gave me so different experience. Some scenes i didnt like, some way i found the story is not good, some time i found i should not watch this movie, its bad. But still i watched this full of blood movie cos Grafics and direction of this movie is so good.
Action is so different and crual.

Sometimes i think why ppl make this kind of movies, but i think its good for a change. This is the movie to just watch, not to learn. Just watch and forget it. Plz dnt keep it in ur mind...

Ratings - 7/10