Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The movie bagged 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture (Michael Cimino), Best Actor (Robert De Niro) & Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken) in 1978. Its definitely critically acclaimed, extraordinary, powerful film featuring a group of steelworker friends. The story takes turn towards their deer hunting grounds & gradually to lethal Vietnam War. Well the story turns to different trajectory once they signed for Vietnam War. Its compelling drama of friendship & courage among adversity, difference of personality & a shattering emotional experience. The film has strong casting with De Niro, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, & Christopher Walken in memorable roles. The only drawback which I found is its tad 3 hour length & with director’s penchant for detail, some time film becomes so slow & boring especially in the first half which is wasted on long wedding ceremony for character development. But the second half is totally absorbing, dark & realistic. Watch out De Niro’s mind blowing expressions in the scene on betting gun table where he & Walken were constantly slapped by Vietnamese soldiers or the scene where he ventured 12000 miles away to get Walken & he refused to identify him on gunning table once again.
Sure give it one shot.

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